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'On Tap' Official Music Video

Directed by John Gonzalez

Co-Produced by John Gonzalez & Juliana Tucker

DP: Tyler Maynord

1st AC: Dylan Pfaffenberger

Gaffer: George Hysmith 

Styled by Juliana Tucker

HMU by Karly Ketelle


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Juliana Tucker is a pop singer/songwriter with an organic draw to crafting thought provoking and playful lyrics that are brought to life with her distinctive soft vocal tonality in the style of electropop, indie pop, pop ballads and melodic rapping. 


Born in Los Angeles, Juliana grew up in a family with deep musical roots which eventually led her to sing on American Idol at 16 where Steven Tyler deemed that “you have the IT factor”. After the show, Juliana worked closely with labels. She recorded a demo CD but ultimately the music she was given was not representative of the artist she wanted to be. 


Putting music aside for a few years while attending college in Boston and discovering herself in NYC, Juliana soon found her way back to LA before the Covid pandemic. With music being her immediate form of therapy, she began songwriting in her apartment. “The day I started writing music for myself, rather than for other people, was the moment I finally became confident in my songwriting capabilities and fell back in love with music.”

Juliana released her debut EP "The Great Indoors" in March of 2023, which garnered traction from major press outlets such as Sweety High, Uproxx, E! News, Celeb Secrets, and more. Juliana will be releasing her sophomore EP in the Fall of 2024 with single releases leading up to it. Check out her newest single, "Kryptonite" on all streaming platforms. 




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